Jul. 18th, 2010

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[It's nighttime in Victorian Era England, and the video opens on the sight of a carriage waiting on a long dirt road; not far off in the distance is an ornate house, where all the lights are off.

A man in servant's clothing is waiting by the carriage; after a moment or two, a woman comes running up to him from the house. In one hand, she carries a suitcase; in the other, she carries a five year-old boy. Without a word, all three get into the carriage, and the coachman orders the carriage to start, and the coach begins to move down the street.]

"Everything go well, ma'am?"

"Yes, everything's fine; are the other servants all gone? You're sure?"

"I slipped 'em a lil something in their drinks at supper; they'll be sleeping straight through 'til morning, and by then we'll be out of reach."

"Thank you."

[The little boy stirs and looks up at his mother, blinking.] "Mother? What's going on?"

[She looks down at him and wears a strained smile.] "We're leaving home, dear; we're going someplace else, someplace far away. Do you understand?"


"We need to get away from your father. Before he comes back, we need to leave. You're never going to see him again, and we'll all be much better off for it..."

[The boy blinks a bit before looking worried.] "But...what about my sisters? We need to wait for them. They haven't come back yet, they've been staying with Father...we can't leave without them."

[The woman stares at him for a moment before her face starts to crumple, and she bites her lip to fight off the tears welling up in her eyes. The servant smiles kindly and reaches over to pat his shoulder.]

"They'll be fine, young master. They'll be fine staying with your father, understand?"

[The boy stares for a moment, but he eventually nods, and the carriage continues to ride off into the dark.]

((Memory Lane virus))


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