Oct. 6th, 2010

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[There is a short, clearly accidental clip that takes place inside Jezebel's laboratory. On one of the tmetal tables sits a young woman wearing a simple robe, staring blankly ahead at Jezebel and a tall figure standing with him. You might recognize the girl; she was once the corpse that Jezebel was sewing together.

She steps onto the floor from the table, standing straight and walking a few steps, her face expressionless. With a small cry, the figure near Jezebel rushes forward and embraces her, cooing and muttering endearments at her while stroking her hair. The girl doesn't seem to react. And all the while, Jezebel stands to the side, taking notes.]


[The text is clearly not written for the community's sake; it's Jezebel's notes, scrawled haphazardly across the page.]

M has awoken five minutes after ritual. Motor and verbal skills are excellent, no signs of physical deterioration or remaining injuries.

Shows signs of amnesia -- did not recognize J. Showing complete lack of emotion. Overlooked brain damage? Result of trauma from death/betrayal? Investigate.

Meeting with CM tomorrow. Bring notes.

[And then, in even sloppier handwriting than the rest, is a small note that was clearly written long after the rest in the midst of excitement]

M is showing signs of clairvoyance.


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