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[All you see is Jezebel in a brightly lit room, his hair pulled back in a braid and his face covered in a surgical mask.

He's leaning over a table with two corpses, both of whom belonging to young women; one of them lays off to the side, relatively ignored, seeming to have been carved up at random and missing several organs and pieces.

The other is the focus of Jezebel's attention, as he seems to be stitching the skin of a severed arm onto its shoulder.]
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It's over.

There never was a vampire. Just a girl who'd gone mad.

She had been abused by her stepfather, and it seems to have pushed her over the edge. Her face was disfigured by her father, and he died shortly after; when that happened, she started going insane and believed all sorts of legends about her ancestors being vampires. Her brother tried to protect her from anyone suspecting what she'd done, but that couldn't last forever.

A group of townspeople stormed their home; in the scuffle, the place lit on fire. The brother locked himself in a room with his sister while everyone else fled. The place burned to the groun. Earl Cain tried to go back for them but it wasn't any use.

I'll be glad to be rid of this place. We're returning to London in a few days. Earl Cain seems to blame himself for what happened; it'd be best if we left soon.
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It really was the butler who was poisoning Earl Cain. Er. Earl Cain Hargreaves, so no one misunderstands.

He tried sneaking hemlock into a pearl drink he gave to Miss Merry -- Earl Cain's younger sister. Earl Cain figured out the ruse when he tried to take a sip and Riff smashed the cup away from him. The bottle of poison was in his pocket; he'd also been stealing antivenom from my medical case, it seems.

At least he confessed and went off with as little trouble as possible. I don't know why Cain doesn't simply call the police, but I think perhaps he's too distressed at the moment.

...they've found a tenth body dead from the supposed vampire as well. This whole retreat seems to be unendingly grim.
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