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Meridiana's run away. She made a sheet ladder and climbed out of the window last night. She even cut off most of her own hair to aid her ability to escape.

Knowing her, and knowing that pesky Earl she's so infatuated with, here is my wager: she'll be back within forty-eight hours. With the Earl in tow.

And she will think that I won't be expecting them.
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Video: In which Jezebel's family issues start rearing their head )

This doesn't bode well. Earl Cain deliberately sought us out, and given his talent for nosiness, I have no doubt he's going to continue seeking us out. Especially now that he seems to have decided he's head over heels for Meridian. Good God.

I'm surprised by Meridiana. She continues to remain emotionless...except for when she's with Earl Cain. But she claims to be frightened of him.

Hmm. This isn't going to be quite so easy to keep up.

((The scene is abridged a little just to keep it from going on forever. Also, text colors are as follows: pink for Meridiana, red for Cain, green for Cassian, blue for Jezebel.))
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Meridiana is still functioning perfectly, though she continues to not remember a single detail of her past. I am glad of that much.

Unfortunately, my superiors learned of her clairvoyance very likely by stealing my notes and have decided to use it for profit. They're advertising her as a psychic and scheduling her to make appearances at high-society parties. And I'll have to go with her to make sure she doesn't rot away.

Joy of joys. Instead of working in the lab, I have to rub elbows with nobles and pretend to care.

And even better, I've been given an assistant, it seems. Which, from experience, means he'll be reporting my every movement to my superiors. Lovely.

Also, it appears that he's twelve.


((Just letting you guys know: if anyone ever apps Cassian [the assistant, who is not actually twelve], I WILL ADORE YOU FOR THE REST OF TIME. Especially because he and Jezebel are so near-canonly a couple by the end that it is painful.))
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[There is a short, clearly accidental clip that takes place inside Jezebel's laboratory. On one of the tmetal tables sits a young woman wearing a simple robe, staring blankly ahead at Jezebel and a tall figure standing with him. You might recognize the girl; she was once the corpse that Jezebel was sewing together.

She steps onto the floor from the table, standing straight and walking a few steps, her face expressionless. With a small cry, the figure near Jezebel rushes forward and embraces her, cooing and muttering endearments at her while stroking her hair. The girl doesn't seem to react. And all the while, Jezebel stands to the side, taking notes.]


[The text is clearly not written for the community's sake; it's Jezebel's notes, scrawled haphazardly across the page.]

M has awoken five minutes after ritual. Motor and verbal skills are excellent, no signs of physical deterioration or remaining injuries.

Shows signs of amnesia -- did not recognize J. Showing complete lack of emotion. Overlooked brain damage? Result of trauma from death/betrayal? Investigate.

Meeting with CM tomorrow. Bring notes.

[And then, in even sloppier handwriting than the rest, is a small note that was clearly written long after the rest in the midst of excitement]

M is showing signs of clairvoyance.
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[All you see is Jezebel in a brightly lit room, his hair pulled back in a braid and his face covered in a surgical mask.

He's leaning over a table with two corpses, both of whom belonging to young women; one of them lays off to the side, relatively ignored, seeming to have been carved up at random and missing several organs and pieces.

The other is the focus of Jezebel's attention, as he seems to be stitching the skin of a severed arm onto its shoulder.]
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