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Well, it seems I may have to burn down yet another laboratory of mine. This'll be the second time this month.

It's not like I was even the one who killed those girls, but oh well.
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Meridiana's run away. She made a sheet ladder and climbed out of the window last night. She even cut off most of her own hair to aid her ability to escape.

Knowing her, and knowing that pesky Earl she's so infatuated with, here is my wager: she'll be back within forty-eight hours. With the Earl in tow.

And she will think that I won't be expecting them.
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Video: In which Jezebel's family issues start rearing their head )

This doesn't bode well. Earl Cain deliberately sought us out, and given his talent for nosiness, I have no doubt he's going to continue seeking us out. Especially now that he seems to have decided he's head over heels for Meridian. Good God.

I'm surprised by Meridiana. She continues to remain emotionless...except for when she's with Earl Cain. But she claims to be frightened of him.

Hmm. This isn't going to be quite so easy to keep up.

((The scene is abridged a little just to keep it from going on forever. Also, text colors are as follows: pink for Meridiana, red for Cain, green for Cassian, blue for Jezebel.))
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For the love of God.

We were told to do one thing when we got here: ONE THING. We were told to not go out at night, because that is when people go missing and turn up missing all their blood. If we obeyed that one simple thing, then we'd all be fine.

And what did he do.

What does the Earl do the first night we arrived?

He goes out, and he got attacked. Of course.

It is incredibly difficult to recover your health when you're ACTIVELY PUTTING YOURSELF IN HARM'S WAY.
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