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Considering that the members of Delilah weren't exactly strict day-dwellers, he was surprised he hadn't gotten caught yet. Not that most would care, but Cassian certainly hadn't said anything, nor had the Cardmaster smugly asked what activities Jezebel might be up to every evening exactly at sunset. He wasn't sure his good fortune could last forever, but he was grateful it had held out as long as it had.

The room where Radu was attached by a staircase to Jezebel's laboratory at Delilah; he'd previously used it for storage but had cleared it out to make room for him. No one seemed to question why he was spending so much time at Delilah's headquarters when he'd had a separate hideout for keeping Meridiana, thankfully.

After locking the door to the laboratory and checking to see that no one else was there, he descended the stairs with a lantern in hand. "Radu?" he asked in a low voice.
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[He sat in one of the drawing room's large armchairs, lounging with his medical case in his lap. The woman who owned the house had left the fire burning, which was nice and warm in the middle of the night, especially with no lit candles nearby.

The rest of the house had been asleep for a while, even Cain. So there would be no one to notice if an odd stranger were to suddenly appear. Hopefully Hakuba had the sense to worldhop indoors; what with all the local murders, it was still dangerous to be out after dark.]


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