Oct. 24th, 2014

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It was, relatively speaking, a calm day for Jezebel. His father had seen no need to summon him for any reason, which was fortunate. None of the other Delilah members had sought to bother him for some petty grudge or unnecessary nuisance. And, so far, Cain had not done anything that would require him to dispose of some evidence. Again.

So, it was not a bad day at all, really.

He'd needed to make a run for supplies -- it was so easy to run out of syringes and vials and poisonous ingredients, after all. He had brought Cassian with him for an extra set of hands. As the day slowly began to approach evening, they made their way back to Delilah, carrying the day's wares.

On the way back, Jezebel's attention was grabbed by an auction of some kind being set up. Animals of various types were being sold at some sort of outdoor market. A few were in cages, but others were merely set up in temporary pens. There were a few horses, a cow or two, and several dogs that were clearly being sold as ratcatchers or sheep herders.

Jezebel couldn't help but glance at them. Nearing one of the pens, he reached out to pet one of the larger dogs, which panted happily before licking his hand.


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